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West Chester Sewer Replacement


The sewer line is the most important part of your home’s plumbing system. It’s also the part of your home that’s located underground, making it hard to access, maintain, and check up on.

When the main line gets clogged or stops working properly, the rest of the pipes and drains in your home won’t be far behind. Because these lines are so out of sight, you may not even know you have a clog until it’s too late. Unfortunately, if your sewer line gets to be in a bad enough condition, a replacement would be the best and most cost-effective solution that you have.

We try to avoid replacement at all costs, but if the situation does call for it, there’s no one better at sewer line replacement than the experts at Feehan Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling!

About Sewer Line Replacement

At Feehan, we have over 35 years of sewer replacement experience under our belts. Over those years, we’ve learned that your main line should not be backing up more than once a year. If you find that yours backs up more than that, it would most likely be worth the time and money to just have the whole thing replaced.

  1. The first thing you should know is that we will do everything we can in terms of sewer cleaning and repair before we take the replacement route.
  2. If we decide that our repair efforts are not enough and that you’d be better off with a replacement, it’d be smart to prepare for some pretty intensive work. We may need to excavate your yard or driveway to access the line and perform the job.
  3. Once we’re done, we won’t leave you to clean up that mess by yourself. We’ll do everything we can to reduce the damage and get your home back to normal.

Vent Stack Repair or Replacement

A vent stack is a vital part of your plumbing system, but do you even know what it is? It removes sewage from your home, releases sewer gas, and regulates air pressure in the waste system pipes.

What a vent stack does:

  1. Waste enters your plumbing system from all different fixtures and exits through a trap – a dipped section of pipe that always contains water. All fixtures in your home must contain traps in order to prevent sewer gases from leaking into the house. Through these traps, all fixtures are connected to waste lines. Those waste lines take the waste to a vent stack.
  2. Wherever the drain system’s lowest point is, that’s where the drain-waste vent is attached. Waste is removed from the building through the building drain and is taken out to the sewer.
  3. Vent stacks are typically maintenance-free, but that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong with them. If they need repair or replacing, you’ll know it by the strong sewage odor you smell throughout your home.

Does it Need Repair or Replacement?

It’s actually pretty simple to figure out if your vent stack needs work done – if your drains are gurgling or emitting sewer gas odors.

  1. The vent stack repair/replacement process is not as easy as the diagnosis. So, all of you handy do-it-yourselfers out there, leave this to the professionals!
  2. What can go wrong? Here’s a brief list: Unsupported cast iron stack pipes can come crashing down if they aren’t cut with proper supports; Service weigh cast iron may not cooperate, as they are difficult to cut without the right tools and equipment; If the drain and vent are incorrectly piped, it can cause damage to the existing piping system.

Be smart! If your vent stack or sewer line need replacement, call in the experts at Feehan Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling today!

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