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West Chester Pipe Repair and Replacement


Do you have a water related emergency? Is water flowing from your wall or ceiling?  Call Feehan Plumbing, and we’ll walk you through the shut-off process. Our plumbers are standing by 24 hours each day to help you resolve your pipe emergency.

Damage caused by leaking or burst water pipes can be extremely expensive and may involve cutting out walls, digging up lawn or paving. A small leak right now may lead to a larger problem in the future if left unresolved. With any piping and fitting problem, it is recommended that you have an experienced plumber repair or replace your broken pipes.

Piping and Fitting Plumbing Services

Feehan Plumbing has been preventing, repairing and replacing pipes and fittings for over 35 years.

Our team of experienced and fully trained licensed plumbers can solve any piping and fitting problem including:

  • Frozen Pipe Thawing
  • Pipe Corrosion Repair and/or Replacement
  • Burst Pipe Repair and/or Replacement
  • Noisy Pipes
  • Water Supply Line Repair and/or Replacement
  • Water Mains Repair and/or Replacement
  • Sewer Lines Repair and/or Replacement
  • Pipe Insulation
  • Video Pipe Inspection

Call Feehan Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling today to schedule any pipe repair service that you may need!

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