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How to Avoid Scams with AC Replacement in West Chester

August 26, 2015

It can be dangerous to just jump into AC replacement in West Chester with any service without seriously considering the possibility the service may be scam. While many AC services out there offer honest, upfront work, there’s a small minority of scam AC services whose only invested interest is themselves and how much money they can make off you.  This can leave you with low-quality AC replacement, giving you an AC that was worse off than the AC you owned before it.

Of course, Feehan certainly isn’t one of those services. We give you honest, dedicated AC replacement in West Chester from top-notch professionals who always bring their A game. We also have the well-being of our customers at the top of our priorities, and part of that is making you aware of a scam when you suspect some trickery is afoot.

Signs of a Scam with Your AC Replacement in West Chester

It takes more than friendly smile and a handshake to know you’ve got a genuinely reliable AC service on the job. Here’s some advice to follow if you don’t ever want to deal with scammers ever again:

  • Read Reviews: Go to the Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, Yelp or HomeAdvisor to find out what other customers have to say. This is a useful way to find top-rated HVAC technicians in your area, especially if the reviews are overwhelming positive or negative.
  • Make Sure to Get Estimates: This will allow you to compare services and prices. Always ask tov get two or three estimates before work begins.  If any one of them looks suspiciously high or unreasonable, you’ll know it’s not trustworthy.
  • Always ask for a written contract. Your HVAC technician should provide you with a job order that lists the date, details of the necessary work plus any replacement parts and of course, the price.
  • Ask for Replaced Parts: It can be incredibly suspicious if an AC service doesn’t give you back the parts they replaced.  Always ask for them back because there’s a chance a scam AC service may have not even replaced them at all.
  • Think Before Purchasing Freon: Freon is expensive, but it shouldn’t need to be topped off unless you have a leak. So make sure that if filling up on Freon is on the list of charges, that there’s also a leak detection item.
  • Don’t Immediately Agree to Replacement: Unless your AC has been severely damaged, it should last for around 10 years. And second, replacing your AC is costly. Make sure there are no alternatives by researching AC replacement online and getting multiple quotes. If you feel pressured in any way, then you can always opt out.

Contact Feehan today for reliable AC replacement in West Chester. And as always, be on the lookout for scams!

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