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Emergency AC Repair in Brookhaven: 3 Signs It’s Time to Call

July 15, 2015

Worst case scenario: you’re relaxing in your home during a particularly hot summer day in Brookhaven, and the AC breaks down—what do you do? Well, Feehan is here to provide emergency AC repair in Brookhaven for those last-minute situations when you need your AC working immediately. Our AC experts work 24/7, so feel free to call them at any time, no matter if’s early morning or late at night.

If you’re unsure on whether it’s a good time to call for AC repair, the AC experts are happy to tell you about the most common signs your AC is in need of emergency repair in Brookhaven. We’re here to provide info on 3 of the most common signs so when your AC starts acting up, you know to call us:

  1. Excess Condensation/Leaks: Condensation will build up in your AC, but it’s usually eliminated by a drain tube. However, when drain tubes become blocked or broken, the condensation will build up and leak out of your AC. Leaks can be incredibly messy with puddles forming in and out of your home. Not to mention, excess condensation within the AC can damage the AC’s internal components. Call Feehan for emergency AC repair when you notice the first signs of leakage.
  1. Strange Noises: Your AC should make a quiet, consistent noise. However, perk up your ears if your AC starts to make louder, more unusual noises. It could be an indication of dirty filters or, worse, a dying motor. While strange noises could hint at a blockage you can fix by yourself, it’s best to call an AC expert at Feehan to investigate the source of the noise and fix any problems with your AC’s internal components.
  1. Physical Damage: Your AC can become cracked or dented. If it’s a minor crack or dent, your AC may be fine, but even the smallest exterior damage to your AC could hinder its performance in ways you didn’t think possible. There’s no telling how external damage can effect your AC’s internal components and prevent your AC from working to the best of its abilities. Call an AC expert from Feehan when you spot external physical damage that makes you concerned.

If you notice any of these 3 signs, then call Feehan for emergency AC service in Brookhaven. We’re available 24/7 to ensure your AC is blasting cool air in your home!

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