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3 Signs You Need AC Repair in West Chester

AC Maintenance
May 27, 2015

Known for its historical sites, like the Brandywine River Museum or the Christian C. Sanderson Museum, West Chester is a cultural seeker’s dream place to live. After visiting these sites, especially summer outdoor attractions like the Longwood Gardens, you’ll want to return to a cool home that you and your family deserve. And yet, your air conditioning system may not see it that way. It may decide to ruin your day by breaking down.

At Feehan Comfort Services we offer our AC repair knowledge and services to prevent and fight this exact problem. You need to be prepared to prevent an AC emergency, so the first step is to recognize that your AC system is showing you signs that it needs to be repaired. Besides the obvious fact that there is no cool air circulating in your home, look out for these 3 not-so-obvious, warning signs that you need an AC repair in West Chester:

1. Too Much Moisture In Your Home Where It Shouldn’t Be

If you notice this near your AC system it may mean one of two things. The more serious situation is your AC unit is leaking refrigerant, which poses a major health risk to you and your family. The less serious scenario is the drain tube could be blocked or broken. Either way, call our AC repair professionals to take care of these issues immediately.

2. Odd Sounds Coming from Your AC

Any foreign noises from your AC unit like a squeal or grinding sound is a red flag for repair. Something is wrong within the unit and if you ignore it you’ll end up paying more later on. These noises could be anything from a belt out of place to a metal part that needs lubing.

3. Odd Odors Emitting from Your AC

If you smell something funky coming from your AC system, it usually means that the wire insulation is burnt or mold is growing inside the unit or the ductwork. Both conditions are nothing to fool around with, so get going scheduling your AC repairs in West Chester!

Call our AC repair specialists at Feehan Comfort Services today for all your AC repair needs in West Chester!

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